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Create Endless Possibilities With Simple Discord Slash Commands.

What will you create with Houdini?

Your Imagination, Unleashed


Using a simple /Generate slash command, you can create stunning visuals from a vast universe of subjects. Anime heroes, iconic game characters, movie legends, your beloved pets, or even an artistic rendition of yourself.

Endless Subjects
From iconic characters to ethereal objects, we can render any subject.
Endless Styles
Anime, sketches, Photo realistic, 3D, oil painting, game engines, etc. We can render images in any style.
Different Aspect Ratios
Square, portrait, or landscape. Different Aspect ratios perfect for sharing on social or used as a wallaper.
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Editing Made Easy

/Edit (coming soon)

With /Edit slash command, you can enhance your AI-generated images or upload any photo for a custom edit. It’s editing made easy for any picture, any project.

Edit with your words
Modify imagines you've already generated with prompts
Edit your own Uploads
Edit any pictures you've uploaded with prompts. Want to reimagine your living space? Upload a photo of your room and let AI suggest decor changes.
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Transform into Anyone

/Transform (coming soon)

With /Transform slash command, you can re-imagine yourself in a new light! Upload your selfie and our AI will craft your photorealistic metamorphosis. Become a character from your favorite story or reimagine yourself in a new style..

Upload Selfies
Upload Images For the AI To Analyze
AI Analysis
Our AI will do it's thing
Become anyone or anything. Who will you transform into today?
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